“No matter how good you get, you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part!”
-Tiger Woods

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Devan Bonebrake (Host of The Golf FIX, Golf Digest Best Young Teachers) and Mike Maggs (Top Instructor and Golf Entrepreneur) created the Beach City Golf Club in Hermosa Beach with one goal in mind…to use their expertise and passion for golf to create the perfect practice and training facility for improving your golf game.

Our convenient location coupled with expert personal instruction and state-of-the-art tech provides an addictive, fun, engaging, and highly effective set of membership options to improve your golf game once and for all!


Every Golf Journey needs a HERO willing to step up… and Master THE Moment.

Beach City Golf Club:

  • Train with Awareness
  • Guidance from Experts
  • Practice with Intention

Master YOUR Moment!


How Do I Get Started at the Beach City Golf Club?

You have TWO great options and TWO Great Instructors to choose from:


One-Time “Give It a Try” Demo/Tour

  • 10-minute Tour (Facility/Technology)
  • 30-minute Practice Session
  • 10-minute Discuss Membership/Lesson Options


This is your chance to get a tour of the facility and try out all of the amazing golf technologies we have put together for your game! It’s hard to truly understand how helpful a membership at BCGC can be for your golf game until you can see and feel it all in action for yourself.




“New Student” 60min Lesson/Assessment

Prefer to have a professional guide on your golf journey? Coach Kendal Garon and Devan Bonebrake understands your swing pattern and will share simple and effective golf instruction for consistent lasting improvement!

What you get:
*Best One on One Instruction in SoCal
*Full Access: Trackman Launch Monitor/PuttView Putting system
*V1 Video Live View
*V1 High speed Video Instant Payback
* Voiceover video


Golf ultimately comes down to one moment: The Moment of TRUTH, and that is Impact.

If you truly want to master your golf moment, you must:

  • Train with great awareness of mind and body,
  • Seek out trusted expert guidance,
  • And practice and play golf with a sharp focus on intention, purpose, and persistence.

If you maintain these guiding principles, you will MASTER YOUR MOMENT as a Beach City Golf Club member.



What does it truly mean to train with awareness, and how does it help you play your best golf? Here are just a few of the many ways training with Awareness can help your game!

Coach’s Guidance will help you become aware of:

  • What to work on and how to master it
  • Swing pattern strengths/weaknesses
  • The mental approach during practice and play

Trackman Tech will help you:

  • Know your carry distances for every club and different types of shots
  • Find ideal face to path numbers
  • Understand Impact and Ball flight


V1 LiveView and Slow-mo Replay will show you:

  • What your last swing looked like vs felt like
  • Where your body/hands/arms were during the swing

PuttView Putting System will help you with:

  • Reading the green and the feel of rolling the ball on line at the perfect speed
  • Plus So Much more…

Being aware of what’s happening with your golf game and swing keeps you focused on the things that matter. The more you train with awareness, the more consistent a golfer you will become!  



Hi, I am Coach Kendal Garon!

Golf has been a part of my life since the age of 4. Golf consumed my thoughts by age 13, and at 17, I made a bold decision to turn pro and chase my PGA Tour dreams. That 14-year journey allowed me to work with many world-class instructors, state-of-the-art golf technologies and equipment.

I have always loved competing, but I came to realized that sharing my knowledge and helping others improve is my true passion! After going through all the trials and tribulations of training to be a Professional Competitive Golfer, I learned through direct experience all the traps and pitfalls that keep people from playing their best golf.

Our state-of-the-art technology, Trackman Launch Monitor, V1 Golf Swing Analysis Software, and PuttView Putting System will be a central part of my golf instruction here at BCGC.

Whether you’re just starting, looking to get comfortable on the course, trying to beat your friends, achieving a personal best, winning the club championship, or playing on tour, together, we can accomplish anything you are willing to put the effort into doing!



Do you have the sense that your golf practice/training sessions are unfocused and without purpose most of the time? Have you ever asked yourself: Did I just get better or worse? How should I be practicing? What should I be working on and why? Am I just spinning my wheels without results?

You are NOT alone…

Almost all (97%) golfers have little to no focus or purpose to their practice, and the poor results speak for themselves.

As a practice member and/or instructional member at BCGC, you get access to all of our golf technologies which offer tremendous feedback, built-in engaging skills, testing and training games to improve different aspects of your golf game.


3D Tour

Take our 3-D tour and get a closer look at the fantastic tools you will have at your disposal at Beach City Golf Club.


Today’s golf technology has made practicing like a Top Tour Pro accessible to all golfers. Still, it requires access to these golf technologies, which is precisely what you have here at Beach City Golf Club!

Trackman Launch Monitor

ranked #1 Launch Monitor in the industry. It offers the most accurate numbers for ball, club, and face data before, during, and after impact. In addition, it features challenging skills tests and fun games.

The PuttView Putting System

is the ultimate in addictive and engaging training sessions with fun skills tests, games, and much more!

V1 Golf Swing Analysis Software Features:

  • LiveView of your swing and training drills on the monitor directly in front of you
  • Auto slow-motion replay after each golf swing and impact

Professional golfers use this technology to improve as fast and effectively as possible. Now you can have that same advantage!


Membership and Instruction

Select individually or combine memberships and/or lesson series.

Practice Membership:

Pure Practice Membership

  • Daily 1-hour Trackman and PuttView practice Sessions
  • Full access to Trackman, V1, and PuttView during practice sessions

The more you practice, the more value you get!

Private Lesson Memberships:

Excel: 4 Private Lesson Membership


  • 50-minute private lessons
  • 4 Private lessons per member per month
  • Lessons can include Trackman, V1, PuttView

Perform: 2 Private Lesson Membership


  • 50-minute private lessons
  • 2 Private lessons per member per month
  • Lessons can include Trackman, V1, PuttView

Private Lesson Package:

Or maybe you would be interested in a series of 10 lessons that could be used anytime up to a year from purchase?

If the answer is yes? Then the 10 lesson package with Coach Garon is perfect for you!

Private 10 Lesson Package

  • 50-minute private lessons with Coach Kendal Garon
  • 10 Private one-on-one lessons (use within one year from purchase)
  • Lessons can use Trackman, V1, or PuttView

Not ready to select a Membership/Series yet… No Problem!

It’s easy to get started just select one of the following:

60 min Demo/Tour

60 min Assessment/Lesson with one of our Elite Coaches.

Contact Info

Beach City Golf Club
914 Aviation Blvd.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(423) 276-1975

Getting There

Use the parking lot on the east side of the building.

Enter front doors facing Aviation Blvd, continue through the workout gym area, and you will see the reception area for the Beach City Golf Club. Let our team know that you have arrived, and they will get you set up in your state-of-the-art Trackman Simulator Bay or our Puttview Putting Training System at your scheduled time.